Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Again I've done it!

Again, I've done it!
I never cease to amaze myself.

My screenplay submission in the Filmmatic Horror Screenplay Awards, TWISTED FATE, which I consider my best work to date, has become my 223rd rejection. The results email doesn’t give the typical “thank you for submitting, but…” The email says to go check the list on their website to see if you made it. A little like trying out for high school play back in the 70’s when you had to go check the list to see which role you got. (I always got stagehand) Maybe if I had made it, they would’ve sent a congratulatory email. IDK

I did not find my name as grand prize winner. Nor did I find it on the list of ten semifinalists. I searched the list of 300 quarterfinalists, that was not in alphabetical order. To realize that I didn’t qualify in a field that large was kind of a kick in the teeth.

At the risk of jinxing myself, which I’m not sure is a thing considering how that’s worked out so far, my 224th and 225th submissions are currently out in the ether.

Thanks again for reading my rant,


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