Tuesday, February 9, 2021

What’s your Horoscope on planet Caidoz?

It’s decided. In 2021 I’m beginning a novel tentatively titled Horrorscope. Its concept is this. Brothers born on opposite sides of conflict on a planet where zodiac caste system determines your position in society.

Caidoz Astrological Signs

When originally conceived, I thought surely I’d need someone to consult in the ways of the Zodiac. However, being the introvert that I am, I decided to create an entirely new world with a different system. On planet Caidoz, the south pole always faces the sun. It wobbles on a perpendicular axis so its rotation is parallel with its sun. On the only southern continent, it’s always day. Its axis wobble, however, gives it some semblance of directional influence on which to base their strict code of astrological oppression.

Caidoz Map

The world building and nomenclature alone has been usurping a good bit of my writing time. As of now, Caidoz is still evolving. You’ll be the first to know what it evolves into.


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