Thursday, December 19, 2019

Plenty of Crazy Ideas

After finishing and publishing my poetry anthology, “do ants have souls,” I need new goals. I have plenty of crazy ideas. If I try to work on too many projects at once, I could wallow in a time warp. Here are the major ideas crying out to be heard between all four quadraspheres of my cerebral cortex and cerebellum.

Spencer Murdoch and the Fall From Heaven
Spencer’s chosen-one son reaches school age and is bullied at school while Spencer focuses elsewhere and decides to take control and enter the portal.

C. J. Murdoch beyond the Mystic Portal
Creatures of light visit three-year-old C J Murdoch and transform him into a grown man where enters Erzandor’s portal and discovers heaven’s golden streets.

God Particle
A physicist discovers the God particle and is instantly transported to heaven and learns the truth of God and the universe.
For this I need to read the popular 1993 science book of the same name. As if I didn’t have a large enough stack of books in the to-read pile behind the stack of books in the currently reading pile.

Brothers born on opposite sides of conflict on a planet where zodiac cast system determines position in society.

War for the Unsouled
God allowed only so many souls when he thought Earth into existence. Now, good and evil battle for the hearts and minds of the unsouled.

Yes. I created a word for this one but it’s okay ‘cause I used it in the title.

Screen play adaptation of Twisted Fate
After the seemingly random discovery of an abandoned barn, a fun-loving young man endangers his friends in a deadly mystery beyond his earthly understanding.

Screen play adaptation of Martholomew
A high school boy and a new girl in town trespass on forbidden ground and discover a supernatural truth to an unearthly local legend.

An epic poem on gun violence I’ve been working on for a while but need to assemble into some kind of reasonable form.

I could ignore it all and spend my days playing guitar and writing songs. A man can write infinite songs in his head but only so many with his hands.

Or I’ll go with what I decide to love.

Peace and Love

Thursday, November 21, 2019

do ants have souls

After years of work, "do ants have souls” is available now. These 44 poems encompass 40 years exploring the oral arts. Some of the lyrical poems were written for songs performed as a heavy metal band in the 1980s. Others written after love gone wrong, contemplation on the fragility of life, and on life’s many joys and tragedies. The ink drawings were painstakingly completed and the final work is available now in print and e-format. Get all of my books at Amazon here.
So, there you have it. After 40 years writing and two years drawing, I hope you enjoy this collection as much as I enjoyed the lifetime it took putting it together.
Peace and Love

Friday, July 12, 2019

Twisted Fate

After a 2019 from hell and back and to hell again, I have once again reached a joyous place. Hoping I will not sink into the grasps of the dark place, knowing it could be lurking around any corner. Currently, I cannot feel the emotions I felt when I wrote these two poems. The first was written about a month ago while walking in the dark. The second was written two weeks ago on a particularly tough Wednesday eve. 

Anyway, at the risk of exposing my sole

Grief's twisted face rises from swirling black mist below.
"Today you are mine."
A gnarled hand lurches out, pulls me under. 
No escape.

Wounding me deeper deeper inside twisting turning grasping pulling internal organs.
Disrupting neuron telegraphs.
ALABASTER facade hides turmoil within.
Flames rage, destroying hopes and plans, creeping vines of despair fill the dark void.

Loneliness and grief walk hand and hand
Complimenting each other as they stroll searching for their next victim.
Leaving me in torturous solitude.
Laughing at my resistance.

Negativity feeds

Negativity feeds
Feeds on itself
Finding related negatives
Attracting unrelated troubles
Frustration multiplies
Collecting electric charges
Crackling static lightning ball
victim Surrounded
Tearing the soul
Blackening the heart

But alas. There is hope in despair. Trust me. Happiness can be found.
The title, Twisted Fate, is stolen from a short story available in my Beyond the Visual Cortex collection.

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Close-Up with First Man to See Black Hole

James M M Baldwin
Long before the Event Horizon worldwide telescope array, each run by teams of scientists, James M M Baldwin, in his short story, COLLIDER, envisioned a world ripped apart by a black hole and reassembled on the other side in a whole new way. Available with eight other science fiction stories in James M M Baldwin's, ORION’S ARM: TALES FROM THE MILKY WAY. Paperback, Kindle, and other formats. You can also stop by Baldwin Gallery, 9625 Ida st. Omaha, NE and pick up a discounted copy today.
These stories transport you from Earth to Venus, to Mars, to Jupiter’s ice moon Europa, to another solar system, and to black holes beyond earthly imaginations. Travel forward and backward in time. Look inward, into the power of the human mind. Stories include Kronos Methodios, Black Wolf, Tortoise Shell Glasses, Son of Thunder, Spontaneous Evolution, Sub-Human, Global Warming, The Collider, and the exclusive Vision of Destruction


Thursday, March 21, 2019

hatter's riddle

raven contentment
sergio de companion
hatter's riddle

why is a raven like a writing desk
alice gives up
the hatter admits
i haven't the slightest idea
riddle without an answer
poe wrote on both
it can produce a few notes
though very flat
nevar put with the wrong end in front
nevar is raven
merely afterthought
originally invented with no answer
there is a b in both and an n in neither
neither is ever approached without caws
you can baffle the billions with both
there isn't any answer
it slopes with a flap
the notes for which they are noted
are not noted
raven euphoriasergio de companion
for being musical notes
poe's demon bird
quoth the raven
and the raven
never flitting
still is sitting
still is sitting

thanks to
Lewis Carroll
Sam Loyd
Aldous Huxley
Cyril Pearson
Edgar Allen Poe

The illustrations are experimental Sergio de Companion pieces that will be on display as part of a ravens and doves display this fall at Baldwin Gallery in Omaha. So, keep your eye out for that. While you're there, you can pick up one of my books.