Monday, March 19, 2012

Shakespearean Coined Words

Advertising, circumstantial, compromise, design, employer, misquote, luggage, worthless and swagger are all words coined by Shakespeare.

I often get flagged by MS Word's spell check for using words that I think should be words but according to the MS dictionary they are not. I have a work in progress titled "War for the Unsouled," which technically is not a word but so for I've kept it because I like it. Maybe "soulless" would be better but I think my word fits my point better. I am not claiming to be on equal footing with the aforementioned William the Great; however, I am a self-ordained minister of the Coptic Unorthodox Word Usage Church.

Have you created any words in your writing? Anything you think that might catch on as much as the Shakespearean words?