Thursday, November 3, 2016

Writer's Dream Update

Update on "Abandonment of a Dream" post. A few asked me about the numbers, but no one noticed the April Fools date of the post. Some of the amounts were exaggerated for shock premises. Here are the real numbers. After the recent purchase of some new books, (most of which will be given away) diminishing previous earning totals, my new hourly wage works out to 0.00029 cents per hour.  Yes. That's an average wage of less than 3/ten-thousandths of a penny. In my case, that makes it around 0.30 per year.

I always thought the writing would be the hard part. Then you could just sit around and rake in the dough. Not so fast. I never stopped to think that getting people to actually "purchase" a copy of my book would prove the much more difficult task. I would think my friends and family would at least buy a copy of my greatest labor of love. Not so much.

Speaking of dreams, My most recent project is to convert my story "Dream Hunters International " into a feature length screenplay.

Here's to still tryin'. In other words, "Can't quit my day job." Ha.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016


On July 11th, the second novel in the SPENCER MURDOCH saga will be released in two formats. SPENCER MURDOCH AND THE ISLAND OF MAGIC will be available in large format with the author's original hand drawn cover, as well as a compact version with professional designed cover from Rightly Designed. On July 11th, get THE ISLAND OF MAGIC at CreateSpace or Amazon.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

It's Hard to Fool an Old Fool

For those of you who wondered, no. I'm not giving up my dreams. I know I said I was, but there are several clues that point to the fact that I was lying. Not the least of which is the date the Rant was posted. Does April 1st mean anything to you? By the way, have you fooled anyone this month? I'd love to hear about it. Another clue to my deception; 2000 rejections. Not even I have that many. I am getting close to 200 though. So, you can look for something from me in the near future. Keep you eye on this space.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Abandonment of a Dream

I’m saddened to announce, I must abandon my dream of succeeding as an author. I do not arrive at this decision lightly. After more than twenty years and over 200 projects I have received my 2000th rejection. What does this tell me? It’s time to hang it up. Many other determining factors have contributed to this painful decision. Not the least of which is the pay grade. At the calculated rate of 0.003 per hour (yes, that’s three tenths of a cent per hour), I’ve had to work and entire year just to buy myself a cup of coffee. With five children that have grown up with a recluse father and a wife that rarely sees me, I’ve decided to come out of the cold, dark recesses of my writing cell. So, to the one poor soul out there eagerly awaiting my next masterpiece, I bid you farewell. Au Revoir. Adios. Auf Wiedersehen. Sayonara. Goodbye. Now I can follow my dream of becoming a chimney sweep in London.