Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Iron Maiden Senjutsu Somewhere in Time


In honor of Iron Maiden’s upcoming album release on September 3, 2021;

A recent article from Loudwire listed the fifty most used words in Iron Maiden songs.

I converted those words into this poem,

Somewhere in Time


Know Now is the Time

Just wait let’s See

When last in line

Can Life Take me


Again, we Feel

Away Like Man

Down to our souls

Out Live our Death


Day Never ends

World never Die

Get out alive

God’s kingdom Come


Fear not

A special thanks to the greatest Heavy Metal band in world history;

Iron Maiden

Thanks to Loudwire

Viikon- Loppu- Saturit

See the article here

Accompanying the new albulm there are so many cool new Eddies.

Up the Irons!


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