Thursday, September 14, 2017

James M M Baldwin, Sergio de Companion, Jim

It is said, science fiction and fantasy are two separate things. Science fiction; the improbable made possible. Fantasy; the impossible made probable. But what happens when you mix these two opposites? Rod Serling,Twilight Zone The Fugitive 7/9/1962

Born into this mixture between science fiction and fantasy, speculative fiction author James M M Baldwin persists in these endeavors to this day.
After writing three to six hours a night, six nights a week (never on a Sunday), for 15 years, (that’s approximately 21,000 hours), I took a break from writing. From Memorial Day, 2017 to Labor Day, I didn’t write a tittle or a toddle (or a title). I did participate in the Nebraska Writers Workshop’s June Bits of Scripts facilitated by Sally J. Walker. That was a big success this year.

Island of Magic
Portals of Erzandor
Portals of Erzandor
You’d think, with that many hours writing I’d have more to show for it. Beside the two novels; SPENCER MURDOCH AND THE PRORTALS OF ERZANDOR and SPENCER MURDOCH AND THE ISLAND OF MAGIC. Beside my science fiction short story collection;  ORION’S ARM: TALES FROM THE MILKY WAY. Beside my horror collection; BEYOND THE VISUAL CORTEX: TALES FROM THE INNER REACHES OF THE MIND. Beside and my long form poetry collection on mental health topics; MENTALCHAOS. Beside the situation comedy, MOCKINGBIRD HEIGHTS, written for the 2016 NWW Bits of Scripts (yes it’s true, sometimes I think I’m funny). And besides turning my short story DREAM HUNTERS into a feature length sci-fi/fantasy/horror script. Besides all that. There’s one thing I’ve accomplished more than any other; rejection.
Beyond the Visual Cortex

Orion's Arm
Pursuing traditional publishing is a tricky path. Convincing an agent or publisher to invest in you is somewhat of a catch-twenty-two. You can’t get them to notice you without a record of successful publishing, and you can’t get that record without getting published (to a certain extent). With that said, Mockingbird Heights’ failure to place in the 2017 Omaha Film Festival (I might not be as funny as I think I am) registered as my 213th rejection.

I think I've earned a break.

Tatanka, Sergio de Companion

During my hiatus, I finished several large art projects painting under the brush-name Serio de Companion. (If you had read Spencer Murdoch and the Portals of Erzandor, you’d know I stole the name from my own writing.) As Sergio, working religiously every Sunday, I’ve completed hundreds of works, many abstract, recently swinging almost 180 degrees, creating my own lineal contemporary style. I’ve not started counting gallery rejections. Not yet. While continuing my lineal contemporary series, I’m adding a ledger art line matching historical event drawings with antique ledger paper from the same years. If you’re interested in ledger art, take a look at the great Don Montileaux’s website.

Sergio de Companion Ledger Art
Mental Chaos
Another thing I seem to be good at (whether writing or painting) is ideas. I have lots of ideas. I have more ideas than I have time. In my writing que are two more novels and another screen play, but next on my list is my second poetry collection (yet unnamed).
Bottom line, you’ll see more of me in the future. Whether as James M M Baldwin, Sergio de Companion, or just plain Jim, I’ll be lurking around somewhere. You may have to scan a few asteroids. 

Peace and love, brothers and sisters.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Everything's Coming Up Roses

April is shaping up to be a banner month here at the Baldwin home front. Great news all around.

First off, Zonderven, part of HarperCollans Christian Publishing, has purchased my first two novels in the Spencer Murdoch series, “Spencer Murdoch and the Portals ofEzandor,” and “Spencer Murdoch and the Island of Magic.” Along with a promise to aggressively market both books to number one in their categories and top ten overall, they have also signed for the next three books in the Spencer Murdoch series.

On a second front, Penguen/DAVV has signed on for my two stand-alone science-fiction novels, “God Particle” and “Six Billion Times the Mass of the Sun.” Both of which have garnered huge advances.

Third, I’m in talks with Soni Pictures concerning my screenplay “Son of Thunder.” (Keeping my fingers crossed while my agent negotiates.) If that works out, there will be several scripts to the big screen in the next couple years.

Fourth, I committed to three gallery exposition shows in the Omaha Metro and one in the Big Apple for my latest series of Sergio deCompanion “Lineal Primary” paintings. If the Big Apple show is a success, I’ll be opening a studio in New York, NY in September. I hope you’ll be able to come out to see one of the shows this summer.

Fifth, one of my lifelong dreams has finally come to fruition. Capital Records has signed my band “Sterling Steele” for its first full-length record “Jesus’ Brother.” The album will be released on July 9th, 2017. Make sure you pick up a copy at your local record store. If all goes well, there will be a 2018 world tour followed by a multi-record deal.

Lastly, with all the good things happening, I am currently building a house on Lanai, the garden isle in Hawaii. Starting winter 2017, I’ll be spending all of the cold months in the tropics. 
Praise God. Thank you Jesus.

Monday, January 9, 2017




Ev’rything you’re about to read
contained herein, is haiku


Conversation in Haiku
Not true haiku
Not true to Japanese roots

Allen Ginsberg asserted
Haiku did not fit
(the) English language

Ginsberg proposed the Seventeen syllable American Sentence

Campaign in American Sentence

Campaign in American Sentence
Fit for the twitter-verse

Don’t keep up with the Joneses.
Drag them down to your level
it’s cheaper.

Politicians and diapers
need changed often
for the same reason

Elusive mythical creature
(the) honest politician


Action Seeming sensible
Under the circumstances

Prejudice in favor of a
particular political cause

Relating to or
Acting according to,
Int’rest of status

Organizational power
rather than matters of principle

This part is for listeners with rules
mandatory rhyme part
Sort of

journalism, activism, anarchism, narcissism, 
chauvinism, criticism, cynicism, egotism, 
feminism, humanism, fed’ralism, conservatism,
lib’ralism, leftism, socialism, fascism, 
communismLeninism, Marxism, Stalinism,
optimism, opportunism, symbolism, materialism,
patriotism, hooliganism,  extremism, racism,
radicalism, obstructionism,  unilateralism,
authoritarianism, totalitarianism,

Thus ends the optional mandatory rhyme portion of the poem

In this debate
we’ve decided whether or not to have a handshake

To have a bell or a buzzer
The audience should remain silent

Unless something extra-ordinary happens,
then, you’ll be scolded

With seeming narrow path to the Whitehouse
(and)only one adult on stage

He can’t be president
He had something on his lip when he spoke

She can’t be president
A giant fly landed on her shirt
while she spoke

Not a soul knows what she said
Ev’ryone was mesmeriz’d by the fly

This guy,
he’s a choke artist
This guy,
he’s a liar
Lies all the time

This guy
This guy here
He repeats himself

I don’t repeat myself

I saw him repeat himself
five times last week

I don’t repeat myself

He repeated himself three times
five seconds ago

I don’t repeat myself

He’s a liar
He’s the biggest liar since
the Mexican American war
He’s a liar
He’s too Canadian
He’s too low energy
He’s controll’d by lobbyists and donors
You know bing bing bong
you know

He’s a lightweight
He’s a nasty guy
He’s the single biggest liar

Democratic Socialism
Gonna be HUGE
Free College for all

We can save capitalism
from itself
It’ll be huge

What is Aleppo?

I’ll enact Solutions
not create slogans

The nuclear triad is not a rock band
from the 1980’s
Half of your voters are from
a Basket of deplorables

racist, sexist, homophobic,
xenophobic, Islamaphobic

You name it

Counting on the uniformed
making use of useful idiots

You call’d women you don’t like
fat pigs, dogs, slobs,
disgusting animals

Locker room talk
our biggest problem is political correctness

Trumped up, trickle down.
My father was a drap’ry maker.
My husband did a pretty good job.

NAFTA is the single worst
trade deal ever signed
in hist’ry

That is just not correct.
I was against it once.
But now I’m for it

You called it the gold standard.
Called it the gold standard.
You have no plan

You can pick up my book
at the groc’ry store or airport.
You make all these claims.


I know you live in your own little reality.
Look at my website.

Look at my website.

I have a feeling
that by the end of the evening,

I’m going to be blamed for everything
that’s ever happened.

Why not?
Typical politician,
all talk, no action.
sounds good, doesn’t work,
never gunna happen.

It’s My granddaughter’s birthday
for her the wealthy must pay their fair share

Release your emails

I made a mistake
using a private e-mail server.

It’s not a mistake
when it’s done purposefully.
Release the emails

The American people
are sick and tired
of hearing about your emails

Release your tax return
Maybe he’s not as rich as he says he is.

Maybe he’s not as charitable
as he claims to be.

Maybe he doesn’t
want you to know he’s paid nothing.

That makes me smart.

That’s zero for troops,
Zero for schools,
zero for health,
zero for vets.

Something terrible he’s trying to hide.
Can only guess what it is.

My father gave me a small loan
Turned it into billions and billions.

I’ve met a lot of people
stif’d by you, your comp’ny.
Drap(e)ry hangers

That’s call’d business by the way,
I take advantage of the laws.

Don’t like it? Change the law.
you’ve been doing this for 30 years.
Why haven’t you fixed it?

Our biggest enemies are not the NRA,
not the health insurance companies,
Not the drug companies,
not the Iranians,
It’s the republicans

Syria is a quagmire in a quagmire
Chaos in the middleeast



You encouraged Russia
to engage in cyber attacks

You don’t know it’s Russia.
You keep saying
Russia Russia Russia,

maybe it was.
It could Russia.
It could also be China.

It could have been anyone.
It could have also been someone
sitting on their bed
 that weighs 400 pounds.

You’re Putin’s puppet

No, you’re the puppet,
You’re the puppet.
It all sounds good.

Fracking is a crisis of historical consequence
Suicide course

Wrong. It’s all words
Our leaders are stupid
polititions are stupid

Im just gunna let you talk.
I’m just gunna scratch my nose
blink my eyes,

Occasional incredulous smile
Economic dislocation

It’s china, and mexico.
Jobs, jobs, jobs.
Reduce taxes.
Jobs, jobs, jobs.

It’s easy to diagnose the problem,
harder to do something about it

China built a wall
3000 years ago.
Nobody gets through that.


Nobody likes you

I’m committed to raising taxes on the rich.

My contributions will go up.
His contributions will go up.

As long as he can’t figure out how to get out of it.

Such a nasty woman
Such a nasty woman
With pneumonia

Purveyor of hate
Close the gun show loophole
End straw man purchases

That’s all very nice
But it’s wrong
 I’ll Jumpstart Manufacturing

Are you sure?
That doesn’t sound right.
Punish the gay marriage decenters

I don’t think you heard me right
You’re having a hard time tonight
Aren’t you?

I’m not going to contradict myself
A third grader understands

There’s no statute of
limitations on lies
Tell the truth
It’s easy

I’ll work for
Jobs and education
not jails and incarceration

You didn’t answer the question
Are you or are you not
For or against

He said about what I said,
After what I said about what he said

You have a tenuous relationship
with the truth
You always have

That’s a completely ridiculous answer
You’re just blowing hot hair

Undergird the insinuation
Terrorism counterterrorism

ev’ry time you say another crazy thing
Raise the minimum wage.


I fought the entire Washington establishment and won
I’m still here

Fathers will say to their daughters
you too can be president

We must bind the wounds of division
Come together as united people

As one nation, under God
Pick up the baton of freedom and run

We stand together
Work together
With respect for our diff’rences

Strength in our convictions
Love for this nation
our best days are ahead

Star and stripes will wave high
God bless the United States of America