Friday, April 24, 2015

Cover Reveal

Today is the reveal of the new cover for "Spencer Murdoch and the Portals of Erzandor."

Without any further ado.
Drum roll please.

A construction worker risks his family’s safety to fulfill a prophecy and stop a global storm ushering in the reign of an evil ruler. Spencer Murdoch unearths a supernatural portal and discovers an ancient being guarding a gateway between heaven and hell. Spencer must find the person chosen to enter the portal before a power hungry doctor can use it to release evil into the world.

James M M Baldwin writes speculative fiction with an interaction between spirituality, science, and humanity. His science fiction, fantasy, and horror writing interjects spiritual self-awareness and its influence on the natural environment and the universe. Adding to the relationship between human nature and enlightenment, the occasional rocket ship and alien creature color his imaginary worlds. James is an author, artist, poet, musician, and an avid bicyclist. He is an active participant in the Nebraska Writers Workshop and lives in Omaha with his wife and children, their dogs Flash and Waldo, cats Wink and Ash, and ferrets Merlin and Magic.

The new paperback version is smaller than the original with a more compact interior.
This version retains all of the original artistic interior details of the original, the smaller size combined with fewer pages allows me to offer it at a reduced price.
Although the official relaunch won't be for a couple more weeks, the book with the new cover is available now at the following outlets;
The book is available at Amazon in both soft cover and electronic versions. If you get the softer cover addition at Amazon, the Matchbook Program allows you to download the e-book for free.
You can also get the book direct from my CreateSpace store here.
For a limited time you can use discount code 4LY6WWV6 and receive an additional $2.00 of at my CreateSpace store.
You can get "Spencer Murdoch and the Portals of Erzandor" at the ridiculously low price of $8.99.
So don't delay. Get yours today.

I also want to thank the good folks over at Writely Designed for all their hard work creating a beautiful cover. Take a look at their design options for your latest project, please go here;

Friday, April 17, 2015

Cover Reveal in One Week

Check here next Friday, April 24th, for the unveiling of the new cover of the second edition of “Spencer Murdoch and the Portals of Erzandor.” And don't forget to check out the designers over at Writely Designed who worked very hard creating the new design. Take a closer look at their design options here;

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Watch This Space- Coming Soon

Watch This Space- Coming Soon
Cover reveal.
I've been very busy lately. I'm on chapter 19 of a 30 chapter rewrite of the second novel in my "Spencer Murdoch" series. Soon I'll be releasing a smaller, less expensive, second edition of the first "Spencer Murdoch" novel titled "Spencer Murdoch and the Portals of Erzandor." The wonderful designers at Writely Designed have worked very hard on creating a beautiful cover. If you'd like to take a closer look at their design options for your latest project, please go here;

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Big Announcement

I didn’t want to release this until everything was confirmed so as not to jinx it. Now that the ink is dry on the contract, I’m free to say:

Due to my longstanding relationship with PepsiCo, specifically Diet Pepsi, they have offered me a ten year contract allowing me to obtain the property for my writers retreat in Aspen. As of April 1st, 2015, I will be moving to Colorado to supervise construction.

In exchange, all I have to do is wear their shirt when making public appearances. i.e. speeches, readings, presentations, and concerts.

I want to thank Pepsi for this opportunity. I look forward to many late night, caffeine fueled writing sessions.