Thursday, March 13, 2014

In Memory of Your Name

In Memory of Your Name
by James M M Baldwin

I got your mail again today
I don't know you
Never met you

You must've lived here before me
This must've been your house
Where did you go?

Did you find a better place?
A warmer climate?
Are you even still alive?

Maybe your ghost is still here
With me
In this house

I haven't seen you
I heard a creek in the hall
Last night

Most of the mail comes
From someone you never met
From some place you'd never been

Today was different
A hand written letter
With a real postage stamp

I wanted to open it
Maybe then, I would know
Who you are or who you were

I'll keep putting it back
In the mailbox
With the red flag up

The mailman will take it back
I don't know where

For now, I'll remember you
Not your face
Only your name

Your name will live
In my memory
My mailbox will remind me

Of your name

What do you think? Do you ever get someone else's mail. Let me know. Or tell me about something else on your mind.