Saturday, March 12, 2022

Russian Bots

One of my blogposts from 2013 has been inundated with Russian bot posts. I'm deleting it and republishing the post here.

This weekend is the official launch of "Spencer Murdoch and the Portals of Erzandor." In James M M Baldwin's first full length novel a devoted husband and father risks his family’s security to prevent a powerful doctor from controlling a mystic portal initiating a global storm threatening humanity. Spencer Murdoch unearths a supernatural portal beneath his home and discovers an ancient being guarding a gateway between heaven and hell. Spencer must find the person predestined to enter the portal before the mysterious doctor can use it for his own power.

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Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Iron Maiden Senjutsu Somewhere in Time


In honor of Iron Maiden’s upcoming album release on September 3, 2021;

A recent article from Loudwire listed the fifty most used words in Iron Maiden songs.

I converted those words into this poem,

Somewhere in Time


Know Now is the Time

Just wait let’s See

When last in line

Can Life Take me


Again, we Feel

Away Like Man

Down to our souls

Out Live our Death


Day Never ends

World never Die

Get out alive

God’s kingdom Come


Fear not

A special thanks to the greatest Heavy Metal band in world history;

Iron Maiden

Thanks to Loudwire

Viikon- Loppu- Saturit

See the article here

Accompanying the new albulm there are so many cool new Eddies.

Up the Irons!


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Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Again I've done it!

Again, I've done it!
I never cease to amaze myself.

My screenplay submission in the Filmmatic Horror Screenplay Awards, TWISTED FATE, which I consider my best work to date, has become my 223rd rejection. The results email doesn’t give the typical “thank you for submitting, but…” The email says to go check the list on their website to see if you made it. A little like trying out for high school play back in the 70’s when you had to go check the list to see which role you got. (I always got stagehand) Maybe if I had made it, they would’ve sent a congratulatory email. IDK

I did not find my name as grand prize winner. Nor did I find it on the list of ten semifinalists. I searched the list of 300 quarterfinalists, that was not in alphabetical order. To realize that I didn’t qualify in a field that large was kind of a kick in the teeth.

At the risk of jinxing myself, which I’m not sure is a thing considering how that’s worked out so far, my 224th and 225th submissions are currently out in the ether.

Thanks again for reading my rant,


Tuesday, February 9, 2021

What’s your Horoscope on planet Caidoz?

It’s decided. In 2021 I’m beginning a novel tentatively titled Horrorscope. Its concept is this. Brothers born on opposite sides of conflict on a planet where zodiac caste system determines your position in society.

Caidoz Astrological Signs

When originally conceived, I thought surely I’d need someone to consult in the ways of the Zodiac. However, being the introvert that I am, I decided to create an entirely new world with a different system. On planet Caidoz, the south pole always faces the sun. It wobbles on a perpendicular axis so its rotation is parallel with its sun. On the only southern continent, it’s always day. Its axis wobble, however, gives it some semblance of directional influence on which to base their strict code of astrological oppression.

Caidoz Map

The world building and nomenclature alone has been usurping a good bit of my writing time. As of now, Caidoz is still evolving. You’ll be the first to know what it evolves into.


Friday, June 5, 2020

$72,000 Basquiat/SAMO Graffiti

Short on the heels of another Jean-Michel Basquiat painting titled Boy and Dog in a Johnnypump selling for more than 100 million dollars this month, someone purchased one of his collaborative SAMO graffiti pieces for 72,000. 
Basquiat sold this month for 110 million dollars

I was a little confused when I saw one of his paintings sell to a Japanese collector for $110 million a few years back. After research, I found the draw of his story and his work intriguing and gained a new appreciation for his paintings. After viewing one of his works in person at the Joslyn Art Museum in Omaha, my admiration of his work grew tenfold.

$110,000,000.00 Basquiat
I understand the draw, but once again find myself a little unsettled at the price of the graffiti sale when I look at it. I know, due to the nature of graffiti in general, most works could never be owned or purchased. However...

$72,000.00 SAMO graffitti
 What do you think? I'd love to hear your opinion.

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

One Plus One Is One

Eyes held wide open
Yet vision unclear
Lips often tremble
No words reach your ear
Eyes often blinded
By welling of tears
Tongue also vacant
Beholden to fear
Hold me in your heart
Days, a month, or years
After lifetimes pass
You will find me here
Hold me in your arms
Hold tight, draw me near
My hopes and my dreams
You’re all I hold dear

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Plenty of Crazy Ideas

After finishing and publishing my poetry anthology, “do ants have souls,” I need new goals. I have plenty of crazy ideas. If I try to work on too many projects at once, I could wallow in a time warp. Here are the major ideas crying out to be heard between all four quadraspheres of my cerebral cortex and cerebellum.

Spencer Murdoch and the Fall From Heaven
Spencer’s chosen-one son reaches school age and is bullied at school while Spencer focuses elsewhere and decides to take control and enter the portal.

C. J. Murdoch beyond the Mystic Portal
Creatures of light visit three-year-old C J Murdoch and transform him into a grown man where enters Erzandor’s portal and discovers heaven’s golden streets.

God Particle
A physicist discovers the God particle and is instantly transported to heaven and learns the truth of God and the universe.
For this I need to read the popular 1993 science book of the same name. As if I didn’t have a large enough stack of books in the to-read pile behind the stack of books in the currently reading pile.

Brothers born on opposite sides of conflict on a planet where zodiac cast system determines position in society.

War for the Unsouled
God allowed only so many souls when he thought Earth into existence. Now, good and evil battle for the hearts and minds of the unsouled.

Yes. I created a word for this one but it’s okay ‘cause I used it in the title.

Screen play adaptation of Twisted Fate
After the seemingly random discovery of an abandoned barn, a fun-loving young man endangers his friends in a deadly mystery beyond his earthly understanding.

Screen play adaptation of Martholomew
A high school boy and a new girl in town trespass on forbidden ground and discover a supernatural truth to an unearthly local legend.

An epic poem on gun violence I’ve been working on for a while but need to assemble into some kind of reasonable form.

I could ignore it all and spend my days playing guitar and writing songs. A man can write infinite songs in his head but only so many with his hands.

Or I’ll go with what I decide to love.

Peace and Love

Thursday, November 21, 2019

do ants have souls

After years of work, "do ants have souls” is available now. These 44 poems encompass 40 years exploring the oral arts. Some of the lyrical poems were written for songs performed as a heavy metal band in the 1980s. Others written after love gone wrong, contemplation on the fragility of life, and on life’s many joys and tragedies. The ink drawings were painstakingly completed and the final work is available now in print and e-format. Get all of my books at Amazon here.
So, there you have it. After 40 years writing and two years drawing, I hope you enjoy this collection as much as I enjoyed the lifetime it took putting it together.
Peace and Love

Friday, July 12, 2019

Twisted Fate

After a 2019 from hell and back and to hell again, I have once again reached a joyous place. Hoping I will not sink into the grasps of the dark place, knowing it could be lurking around any corner. Currently, I cannot feel the emotions I felt when I wrote these two poems. The first was written about a month ago while walking in the dark. The second was written two weeks ago on a particularly tough Wednesday eve. 

Anyway, at the risk of exposing my sole

Grief's twisted face rises from swirling black mist below.
"Today you are mine."
A gnarled hand lurches out, pulls me under. 
No escape.

Wounding me deeper deeper inside twisting turning grasping pulling internal organs.
Disrupting neuron telegraphs.
ALABASTER facade hides turmoil within.
Flames rage, destroying hopes and plans, creeping vines of despair fill the dark void.

Loneliness and grief walk hand and hand
Complimenting each other as they stroll searching for their next victim.
Leaving me in torturous solitude.
Laughing at my resistance.

Negativity feeds

Negativity feeds
Feeds on itself
Finding related negatives
Attracting unrelated troubles
Frustration multiplies
Collecting electric charges
Crackling static lightning ball
victim Surrounded
Tearing the soul
Blackening the heart

But alas. There is hope in despair. Trust me. Happiness can be found.
The title, Twisted Fate, is stolen from a short story available in my Beyond the Visual Cortex collection.