Thursday, September 12, 2013

In My Car

In my car
James M M Baldwin

In my car
The world is mine
In my car
The sounds of my kingdom are at my fingertips
In my car
I control the climate with the twist of a knob
In my car
the world rolls by at a speed determined by my right foot.
In my car
My future unfolds though a clear glass shield
In my car
History recedes in the rearview mirror
Stuffy inside?
Automatic window
Rain on the windshield?
Intermittent wipers
Getting dark outside?
Automatic halogen headlights
Six-way power controlled seat.
Frosty rear window?
Electric defogger
Low fuel
Traffic Jam
Red traffic light
Brake pads squealing
Check engine light stuck on
Check oil
Flashing red and blue lights
License plates overdue
Insurance card missing
Driver's license expired
(I never liked that picture anyway)
Now what?
Flat tire
I think I'll walk