Saturday, April 13, 2019

Close-Up with First Man to See Black Hole

James M M Baldwin
Long before the Event Horizon worldwide telescope array, each run by teams of scientists, James M M Baldwin, in his short story, COLLIDER, envisioned a world ripped apart by a black hole and reassembled on the other side in a whole new way. Available with eight other science fiction stories in James M M Baldwin's, ORION’S ARM: TALES FROM THE MILKY WAY. Paperback, Kindle, and other formats. You can also stop by Baldwin Gallery, 9625 Ida st. Omaha, NE and pick up a discounted copy today.
These stories transport you from Earth to Venus, to Mars, to Jupiter’s ice moon Europa, to another solar system, and to black holes beyond earthly imaginations. Travel forward and backward in time. Look inward, into the power of the human mind. Stories include Kronos Methodios, Black Wolf, Tortoise Shell Glasses, Son of Thunder, Spontaneous Evolution, Sub-Human, Global Warming, The Collider, and the exclusive Vision of Destruction


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