Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Lost Seventh Sapphic Stanza of the Song of Sappho

The Lost Seventh Sapphic Stanza of the Song of Sappho
James M M Baldwin

In June I published The Song of Sappho, my study on the ancient Greek poet Sappho, in the form of six Sapphic stanzas. In the honor of Sapphic history and Sapphic study, I present this lost seventh Sapphic stanza of the Song of Sappho. Although referred to here as the seventh, it was originally intended as the first stanza of the poem. Meant as an historical introduction, it seemed antiseptic, so I deleted it. In imitation of the lost poetry of Sappho herself, I present this seventh stanza in fragmented form. In the tradition of the multitudes of scholars that have work on deciphering the ancient fragments of Sappho's poetry, see if you can figure out the following fragmented lost seventh stanza.

The Lost Seventh Sapphic Stanza

Sapp……mentations lost antiq…ies
Desc……ant from Grecian Islan…of Lesb…
Repu…….on enduring fragm……ed parc….ent
Lamen…….ons lost

Are you the forensic poetry scholar that can decipher the fragments?